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CORR Pilates

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Our CORR Pilates class is a contemporary approach to classical Reformer Pilates. This class is sure to leave you feeling the burn like never before! Your instructor will lead you through an energizing 50-minute class packed with exercises that will help you build core strength while improving stability, flexibility, and posture. Every class will be a full body workout using a state-of-the-art Balanced Body Rialto Reformer and a variety of props. With a focus on proper form and alignment, you will flow through exercises with ease and always be offered modification or progressions helping you to get the most out of your experience.

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Cardio and Pilates all at the same time? You better believe it! Using the Pilates jumpboard on the Reformer, this class provides an opportunity to experience a low impact yet heart raising workout. Get ready to jump against the springs while lying flat on the carriage. You’ll work up a sweat and still get a full body workout every time. Jumping on the Reformer results in little stress on the joints while challenging your core and cardiovascular strength. This 50-minute class will combine several jumping variations with our traditional Reformer Pilates exercises, leaving you feeling energized and ready to take on anything that comes your way.

Exciting, electrifying and engaging fun—that’s what our classes are known for. They are so much more than high octane music or choreographed movements. It’s where you build camaraderie and new friendships with people who have similar goals, passions and enthusiasm. Get moving and sign up for a class today!

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CORR Cycle

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Dim the lights and pump up the jams! Get ready for a party on the bike as you ride to the rhythm of the music and get the best cardio workout of your life. Your instructor will encourage and motivate you as they guide you through a choreographed 50 minutes that’s sure to challenge your body and mind. With the use of hand weights, your upper body is also sure to feel the burn. Feel breathless yet empowered as you ride your way to better endurance and strength.

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This signature class will give you the full CORR experience with the best of both Pilates and Indoor Cycling in one 50-minute class. Start in the Pilates studio and spend your first 24 minutes flowing through our traditional Reformer exercises. You will then quickly transition to the Cycle studio, hop in the saddle, and get ready for 24 minutes of a heart pumping rhythm ride. A workout like you’ve never experienced before!


*Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes prior to the start of class so you can select and setup your bike in the Cycle studio. This will make your transition from Pilates to Cycle seamless with minimal interruption to your workout.

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Stretch and Strength

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Everyone needs a good stretch! This class is mellow and the perfect way to reset your body and mind. With apparatus assisted stretching and light strengthening movements, you will use the Reformer and other props to stretch your body from head to toe. Implementing a good stretch into your workout routine will help to keep your joints healthy, maximize your performance during your next workout, and reduce the risk of injury. A full 50 minutes focusing on Stretch & Strength will leave you feeling long, lean and refreshed!

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