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  • The CORR Method- What makes CORR different?
    We aren’t just a gym. We're a communnity! You’ll feel the positive energy that greets you when you walk in the front door and you'll leave with new found strength and confidence. Our Reformer Pilates classes are a contemporary approach to Joseph Pilates' original method. We focus on creating long and lean muscle tone with slow and controlled movement. The energy is high but the movements precise. Our cycle classes have dim lights but high energy! You'll get a full-body workouts as we include the use of hand weights in every class. We ride to the rhythm, feel the beat and use inspiring playlists curated by our instructors. Get ready to feel endorphines like never before!
  • Is CORR for beginners?
    CORR workouts are for everyone. They are perfect for all levels and our instructors will offer modifications in every class. We encourage beginners to start slowly. If you’re new, remember there are always new people in class! Our highly trained staff are here to answer questions. Come, have fun, pace yourself and enjoy your first time!
  • How do I schedule a class?
    We strongly suggest scheduling your class in advance to secure a spot. Find our schedule here and follow the instructions for creating an account to reserve your classes. Every CORR client will need to have an account before registering for their first class. You can download the MindBody app and reserve a spot on your phone or computer yourself or you can also call the front desk at 505.226.5782 and have them assist you to create an account to reserve a class.
  • What will my first class be like?
    Prior to your first class, make sure you hydrate. Check in 15 minutes before the start of your class time so you can get to know our staff and the equipment. We recommend that you sign up online or book ahead by downloading the MindBody App on your phone. Sign in. Make sure you sign in at the front desk when you arrive. Sign the Waiver. You will need to fill out a liability waiver before participating in your first class. Fill it out online or we have printed copies you can sign at the studio when you arrive. If you are under 18 your parent/guardian must sign the waiver and all participants must be at least 16 years old. Pilates classes. To participate in a Pilates class, you are required to wear athletic grip socks for health and safety reasons. If you do not own them, we offer them for purchase in the studio. (Slippers or hospital grade socks will not be accepted) Cycling classes. Our bikes are equipped with a dual pedal and can be used with SPD compatible cycling shoes, or you can wear tennis shoes to use in the pedal cages. We do not offer the rental or purchase of cycling shoes in the studio.
  • Do I need to bring anything?
    Cycling: Our pedals are  compatible with SPD cleats, so you can use your own cleats, or you can use athletic shoes in the pedal cages. Pilates: If you are coming to your Pilates class, you must wear athletic grip socks for health and safety reasons. If you do not own them, we offer socks for purchase in the studio. We provide complimentary Flow Water so bring a water bottele to fill up. We provide sweat towels for cycling classes and lockers for safe storage of all of your belongings while you're in class.
  • What should I wear to class?
    We suggest a tank or t-shirt and form-fitting athletic shorts or pants. For our cycling classes you can wear SPD compatible cycling shoes, or athletic shoes for the pedal cages. We do not offer any cycling shoes for sale or rent. For our Pilates classes, athletic grips socks are required (no slipper socks or hospital socks). If you do not have any, they are available for purchase in the studio. We also have plenty of CORR apparel and water bottles for sale in the studio too.
  • What time should I arrive for class?
    Please arrive at the studio 15 minutes before your first class, so we can give you a tour of the studio, you can sign a waivers and we can help you adjust your equipment as needed.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You must cancel (or unreserve) your spot in a CORR class at least 6 hours before the class start time to avoid a cancelation fee. If you cancel within 6 hours prior to the class start time, you will be charged a $10 late cancelation fee. If you do not cancel and do not attend your class, you will be charged a $15.00 no-show fee. You can cancel your class by accessing your account online or by calling the CORR studio. If you choose to be added to a class waitlist, the same policies for cancelation and no-show apply. If you decide you would like to not attend a class that are still on the waitlist for, please cancel the class. If you are on the waitlist and are placed into the class, you will be given notice at least 2 hours before the class start time that you have been added to the class. Therefore, if you were to not show up for the class, you would be charged the no-show fee.
  • Is there a waitlist for full classes?
    Yes. If a CORR class is full, you have the option to be added to our waitlist by selecting the “Add to waitlist” option. MindBody will notify you by email and/or text if a spot becomes available in the class you are waitlisted for. You will be asked to confirm or deny your spot in class. To check your waitlist status, log into MindBody, go to My Info, click My Schedule.  If you got into the class it will say “Waitlist Unconfirmed.”
  • What are your Covid-19 Protocols?
    Our studio will follow all local guidelines put in place to continually prioritize the heath of our members and staff. We do not require masks, but members are encouraged to follow their own comfort levels. We require all participants to do a full wipe down with disinfecting products to all used equipment at the conclusion of each class. In addition to this, the studio is cleaned twice daily. Once after morning classes and once again after evening classes. Our staff is also continuously disfecting high touch areas. The studio undergoes a thorough deep cleaning service once a week.
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